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Bras      2007667     MeMoi MSM-114 SlimMe Seamless Bralette (Black S)    $19.60
Bras      2007907     MeMoi MSM-190 SlimMe Seamless Racerback Sports Bra (Black S)    $25.20
Bras      2112099     MeMoi MSM-113 SlimMe Strapless Bandeau Bra (Blackberry Cordial S)    $16.80
Panties      2006574     MeMoi MSM-100 SlimMe Seamless Control Brief Panty (Nude S)    $14.00
Panties      2006586     MeMoi MSM-101 SlimMe Seamless Hi Waist Control Brief Panty (Black S)    $16.80
Panties      2006598     MeMoi MSM-104 SlimMe Seamless High Waisted Shaping Thong (Black S)    $16.80
Panties      2006610     MeMoi MSM-105 SlimMe Seamless High Waist Shaping Boyshort Panty (Nude S)    $16.80
Panties      2112079     MeMoi MSM-106 SlimMe Hi-Cut Control Brief Panty (Black S)    $14.00
Panties      2139910     MeMoi SMX-100 SlimX Ultra-Sonic Shaping Brief Panty (Black XL)    $21.00
Shapewear      2006624     MeMoi MSM-107 SlimMe Seamless Thigh Shaper (Black S)    $16.80
Shapewear      2006636     MeMoi MSM-108 SlimMe Seamless High Waisted Thigh Shaper (Black S)    $19.60
Shapewear      2007675     MeMoi MSM-115 SlimMe Seamless Shaping Camisole (Black S)    $21.00
Shapewear      2007694     MeMoi MSM-117 SlimMe Seamless Shaping Tank (Black S)    $24.50
Shapewear      2007702     MeMoi MSM-118 SlimMe Seamless Shaping Slip (Black S)    $31.50
Shapewear      2007762     MeMoi MSM-121 SlimMe Wear Your Own Bra Thigh Shaping Bodysuit (Black S)    $38.50
Shapewear      2007788     MeMoi MSM-124 SlimMe Seamless Wear Your Own Bra Shaping Bodysuit (Black S)    $35.00
Shapewear      2007812     MeMoi MSM-125 SlimMe Wear Your Own Bra Torsette Shaping Slip (Black S)    $35.00
Shapewear      2007820     MeMoi MSM-130 SlimMe Seamless Short Sleeve Shaping Top (Black S)    $31.50
Shapewear      2007848     MeMoi MSM-150 SlimMe Shaping Underwire Camisole (Nude S)    $31.50
Shapewear      2007891     MeMoi MSM-153 SlimMe Underwire Thigh Shaper Bodysuit (Black S)    $45.50
Shapewear      2008435     MeMoi MSM-191 SlimMe Seamless Shaping Sports Tank (Black S)    $35.00
Shapewear      2008443     MeMoi MSM-116 SlimMe Maternity Support Thigh Shaper (Black S)    $21.00
Shapewear      2112760     MeMoi MSM-133 SlimMe Wear Your Own Bra Torsette Camisole (Black S)    $21.00
Shapewear      2112768     MeMoi MSM-175 SlimMe Contour Underwire Cup Bodysuit w/ Brief (Black S)    $52.50
Shapewear      2112780     MeMoi MSM-176 SlimMe Contour Underwire Cup Bodysuit w/ Thong (Nude S)    $52.50
Shapewear      2139896     MeMoi SLU-115 SlimLuxe Lace Bust Shaping Cami (Nude/Nude M)    $35.00
Shapewear      2139901     MeMoi SLU-155 SlimLuxe Lace Shaping Slip (Black w/Nude S)    $42.00
Shapewear      2139917     MeMoi SMX-101 SlimX Ultra-Sonic High Waisted Shaping Brief Panty (Black S)    $28.00
Shapewear      2139927     MeMoi SMX-108 SlimX Ultra-Sonic High Waisted Shaping Shorts (Nude L)    $38.50
Shapewear      2186939     MeMoi MSM-126 SlimMe Short Sleeve Brief Bodysuit (Black S)    $38.50
Shapewear      2186967     MeMoi MSM-119 SlimMe Seamless Brief Bodysuit (Nude S)    $31.50
Shapewear      2186996     MeMoi MSM-123 SlimMe Shaping Slip Dress (Black S)    $31.50
Shapewear      2187008     MeMoi MSM-140 SlimMe Long Sleeve Arm Shapers (Black S)    $21.00
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