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Panties      2192813     EuroSkins JN24 Noir Mid Waist Thong Shaper (Black S)    $21.95
Panties      2192878     EuroSkins JS24 Seamless Mid Waist Thong Shaper (Black XL)    $17.95
Shapewear      2192791     EuroSkins JN00 Noir Open Bust Body Shaper (Black L)    $27.95
Shapewear      2192801     EuroSkins JN12 Noir Boxer Shaper (Black S)    $24.95
Shapewear      2192825     EuroSkins JP10 Power Tummy Shaper (Taupe S)    $44.95
Shapewear      2192832     EuroSkins JS01 Seamless Open Bust Boxer Body Shaper (Black M)    $29.95
Shapewear      2192845     EuroSkins JS13 Seamless High Waist Boxer Shaper (Black S)    $21.95
Shapewear      2192871     EuroSkins JS19 Seamless High Waist Capri Shaper (Nude XL)    $27.95
Shapewear      2291210     EuroSkins JE12 Enhance Padded Boxer Shaper (Black XL)    $54.00
Shapewear      2318965     EuroSkins JS00 Seamless Open Bust Brief Body Shaper (Black M)    $24.95
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